Principal Investigator

  • Shyam Visweswaran, MD, PhD


  • Joyeeta Dutta-Moscato, MS, (Pursuing PhD in Biomedical Informatics)
  • Amin (Mohammadamin) Tajgardoon MS, (Pursuing PhD in Intelligent Systems Program)
  • Adriana Johnson (MD/PhD student pursuing PhD in Biomedical Informatics)


  • Eric V Strobl, PhD (Biomedical Informatics), MSTP, University of Pittsburgh
  • An-kwok Ian Wong, MD, PhD (Intelligent System Program), Internal medicine/pulmonary and critical care medicine resident at Emory University
  • Matt Stokes, PhD (Intelligent Systems Program), Computational Biology Scientist at the Celgene Institute for Translational Research Europe (CITRE) in Sevilla, Spain
  • Antonio Ferreira, PhD (Postdoctoral Research Associate), Senior Scientist at HeartWare Inc in Miami Lakes, Florida
  • Chad Kimmel, PhD (Biomedical Informatics), Operations Research Analyst at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio
  • Nara Um, MD, MS (Biomedical Informatics MS Student), Chief Health Informatics Officer, San Diego VA Health Care System
  • Charalampos S. Floudas, MD, PhD, MS (Biomedical Informatics), Clinical Fellow, Medical Oncology, NIH, NCI
  • Jay Shah, MD, MS (Biomedical Informatics), Nephrologist at PinnacleHealth at Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Jonathan Bickel, MD, MS (Biomedical Informatics), Director of Business Intellignece and Clinical Research Informatics Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts